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Flowers for the home and cold porcelain flowers

After a long day away from the house, anyone would love to come home to a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers on the dining table. The vivid colors of the bouquet  first catch your eyes, as you take in the subtle detail. You will be delighted by the brilliant surprise. The gorgeous bouquets will bring a smile to your face, and you will instantly feel at ease with your new bouquet. They effortlessly bring extra warmth, color, and a bit of additional nature into your home. You will also feel secure in the knowledge that each flower has been hand-selected for your enjoyment, or in the case of cold porcelain flowers, hand-crafted. For ages, people have been inseparable from nature, and we have enjoyed the delicate beauty of flowers and plants. In our daily lives, we do all sorts of things to recreate the natural world – bringing fans into our houses to replace the steady breeze that we’ve lost, fountains into our building complexes in order to hear the soothing sounds of running water, and live plants in an attempt to surround ourselves with the natural environment. Flowers are as pure a form of our love for nature, and are an expression of love to the people we cherish, filling our homes with beauty and spirit.

Springtime, like flowers, is a representation of birth and renewal. The colors of nature change, and our skies and moods grow brighter. Springtime arrives every year, bringing a burst of color all throughout the world. It is no wonder that our eyes brighten when the new palette of colors and delicate designs appear – as they exist outside, and even enter into our homes. Each flower has its own meaningful story, just like those of the artisans who lovingly handcraft them.

With a dedicated artist such as Kate, handmade porcelain clay flowers are so realistic that they are often mistaken for their natural inspirations. Flowers made from cold porcelain can be displayed as decorative pieces anywhere in the home, without any hassle of maintenance, or the lack of longevity that a fresh bouquet brings. Cold porcelain flowers do not need to be watered, dried, or constantly maintained. They can just be appreciated for the natural beauty that they bring into our lives. We also love the practicality of cold porcelain because it causes minimal harm to the environment – unlike plastic and synthetic flower alternatives. Cold porcelain pieces show off the intricacies of nature without the environmental impact, and they simply last longer than the natural versions, while bringing the same beauty to the eye.

Porcelain Clay Flowers or regular flowers can be used as decorative pieces all around the home. Quite often, just the right vase and a little bit of creativity can easily allow a cold porcelain bouquet to be the centerpiece of the table, or an individual piece to be added anywhere for a delicate touch. Flowers or cold porcelain flowers can be placed in simple baskets or elegant vases. Clear glass vases can also be outfitted with ribbon, filled with stones or coffee beans, wrapped in rope, or filled with marbles for whatever aesthetic you’re looking for. Solid color vases with contrasting colors to the porcelain bouquet can make the flowers pop, such as a red vase with a green and yellow bouquet. The correct vase can make a simple bouquet stand out, allowing a bouquet to become a centerpiece, or create a simple addition to any of your interior design or event needs.

Porcelain Clay Flowers can also be placed in pots with soil, to give a natural appearance, and replicate natural environments. You can easily accentuate any featured item by placing a few potted plants or flowers next to it. Of course, it is also best to decorate with an even number of pots or flowers for a balanced, symmetrical feel.

Placing a bouquet anywhere, perhaps in front of a mirror, can easily brighten up any space. This could even be done in the entrance of your home, creating a pleasant atmosphere – to welcome guests as soon as they enter. A similar effect can be achieved with flowers draped over or placed on the mantle of a fireplace, with or without a mirror behind it. Mirrors are a great way to increase the lighting in your room and enhance the feeling of spaciousness. With mirrors, you can use less material than would otherwise seem necessary, with simple flowers like tulips, lilies, or a small bunch of roses.

Individual porcelain flowers can be used to add a little bit of warmth to a bookshelf, display cabinet, or room dividers. For a simple yet elegant table decoration, flowers can be placed around candles on a serviette napkin, or around serving dishes for a special meal.

How could you decorate your home with the naturally inspired beauty of hand-crafted or natural flowers?

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